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Waterproof Applications

Durable in freshwater, saltwater, oils, chemicals, soaps, rain, ice, snow, steam, etc.

TUFF in Wet Environments

We manufacture labels that  adhere to marine equipment under the ocean for many months at a time and have the continual abuse from marine life.
Whether or not your labels need that kinds of endurance, TUFFLabels has the answer.
Contact our label specials to find out how we can make a lasting label for your extreme (or not) need.
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    Sticky Endurance!

    Our waterproof labels are manufactured with the highest quality materials. Durable  vinyl or polyester substrates backed with an aggressive permanent adhesives and top quality laminates create highly effective labels.
    TUFFLabels take endurance to a new level!
    We manufacture labels that can be used on water or cosmetic bottles, product packaging and many other types of consumables applications.
    Give us a call to discuss the options that best suit your needs.

    Extreme Performance

    DomeLabels are polyurethane domed TUFFLabels that provided added production and a tactile touch to product labeling.
    Our labels can be colored, printed, contoured, and shaped to fit virtually all your demanding labeling needs where durability and quality are required.
    TUFFLabels build your company’s brand awareness when superior products and services are an important part of your marketing message.
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    world-class service

    unrelenting durability in any environment

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